PF001 CEX FUCX – Barn Recordings Vol. 1

Mark Kaylor: “Cex Fucx began as a “party band”, the 1st show being in the Northeast Portland basement where I was living during the early 2000’s. The original lineup consisted of JP Jenkins (guitar), Kelvin Pittman (piano), Gabriel Saloman (vocals/effects), Eva Saelens (vocals), Shane “Papa Sweat” Schneider (bass), and Mark Kaylor (drums). The name Cex Fucx originated from the phone number of the newly opened 411 space in the industrial section of inner SE Portland. The digits corresponding to the phone number of the space were CEX FUCX. Over the years the group shrank to a trio (Jenkins/Kaylor/Schneider) and expanded to an octet or more. The Barn Recordings happened during one weekend in the summer of 2007. Shane lived in a barn loft in Linnton and the band spent a hot weekend in that space recording remotely. As was the case with all the Cex Fucx material, the music is completely improvised. “

PolyFonal: Portland, Oregon in the early aughts was a great time to be a fan of music: the tech-boom mini-millionaires still had bypassed the sleepy, wet city and luckily were more concerned with driving the creative class out of Seattle and San Francisco, leaving rents in the city cheap, quality of life high, and providing plenty of space and time for the locals to watch or become a band. Cex Fucx was a strange and nebulous amoeba of jazz punks, poets, and artists: one would never know from one performance to the next who would show up or even what the show would be, as the core conceit of the project was to be a purely improvisational beast: utterly flexible and nailed to the earth only by raw talent. Collectively they rode a razor rim of barely-contained chaos like a bull and its rider, both heavily dosed with ridiculous amounts of datura, flexing, expanding, finding balance seemingly for hours and then suddenly losing it all to crash, only to right themselves after the echos dispersed, and then slowly working the performance back up to speed, bound for wherever they landed again. For a brief bit of time, these creative souls came together, recorded this testament to the power and magic that was and could be human art, and when done, dispersed back into the normal world.

We are pleased as punch to have these recordings, the only “studio” recordings of Cex Fucx, the first release of our label.
A 1000 thanks to Scott Scholz for the mastering magic.

Please check out the music linked below from the members of this collective and consider supporting them in their endeavors.
Yellow Swans Methods BodyAUHammer of HathorInca OreGolden RetrieverJP JenkinsSouthlander

The Players:
Shane Schneider (aka Papa Sweat aka Pixie Storm) – bass/voice/percussion
Gabriel Saloman (Yellow Swans) – voice/effects/percussion
JP Jenkins – guitar/percussion
Mark Kaylor (Hammer of Hathor) – drums
Dana Valatka (AU) – drums
Asa Gervich – drums
Luke Wyland (AU) – keys
Hathor Vergotis (Hammer of Hathor) – sax/percussion
Maggie – sax/percussion

Past members include:
Eva Saelens (Inca Ore) / Kelvin Pittman / Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever) / David Rafn

Sam Schauer: mixing & engineering
Scott Scholz: mastering
Tiny Little Hammers: art & design

The Barn Recordings

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